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Proven Results

Since 1999 we have helped thousands of youth football coaches by providing a set of proven youth football playbooks.

If you are a parent coaching a youth footbal team for the first time or even a veteran youth footbal coach our youth football playbooks can help you this season.

The reason our playbooks have been so popular over the years is quick simply because they work. We have taken 60 of our favorite plays and organized them into 3 playbooks based on ages and skill levels that we feel are the most appropriate.

Every single play in our playbooks include:

  • Detailed play execution diagram.
  • Full text descriptions for each player's assignments.
  • Each play is a fully animated football play that can be watched as a tutorial video.
  • Basic blocking assignments for the most common defensive fronts.

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Playbook Benefits

  • Save time by using a proven youth football playbook

    Save Time

    By using a playbook that was designed by experienced youth football coaches you can eliminate the guesswork and trial and error involved in creating your own.

  • Youth football plays that are available for instant download.

    Instant Download

    All of our proven youth football playbooks are available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD, which means you can be viewing and printing them within 5 minutes.

  • All three playbooks are also available in paperbook.

    Paperback Available

    All three of our youth football playbooks are also available in a paperback book if you would rather not download them.

Playbook Features

  • Share your playbook with your entire team.

    Share Playbook

    Using our FREE online team manager you will be able to share your football playbook with your entire team and coaching staff.

  • Watch all of the football plays as an animated video tutorial.

    Video Tutorials

    Every one of our plays are designed to run as a fully animated video tutorial.

    This allows you to share your playbooks with your players and they can study the video tutorial at home.

  • You can print your playbook in a variety of layouts.

    Multiple Print Options

    You can print the plays you need in a variety of layouts.

    Plays can be printed in full color, greyscale or black and white. In addition you can choose to print the play full page, or up to 4 plays per page.

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